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Host Bill Ackerman talks to writers, bloggers, podcasters, fanzine publishers, programmers, preservationists and more about their creative endeavors and today’s film culture.
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Jul 5, 2022

Bill speaks to Animus Magazine founder/editor and film critic Elena Lazic. Topics include: Stéphane Delorme, PETRA, having a responsibility to cinema, The Prince Charles Cinema, STRAW DOGS, filmmaker intentionality, Another Gaze, The Relentless Picnic, the Oscars, Cahiers du Cinéma, the solitary nature of writing, TITANE, Reverse Shot, Vincent D'Onofrio and developing critical faculties through disappointment with INSPECTOR GADGET.

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Watch Manuela and Elena Lazic discuss the films of Robert Pattinson:

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Jun 8, 2022

Bill speaks to author and film critic Brad Stevens about his film cultural endeavors, from contributing to publications like The Dark Side, Sight & Sound and Video Watchdog to writing books like MONTE HELLMAN: HIS LIFE AND FILMS and ABEL FERRARA: A MORAL VISION. Topics include: Auteurism, Robin Wood, BBC’s “The Great American Picture Show” season, alternate versions of films, Sight & Sound’s Greatest Films of All Time poll, SCHINDLER’S LIST, Nicole Brenez, writing the novel THE HUNT, warming up to the films of Steven Soderbergh, physical media versus streaming and Abel Ferrara.

Read Brad Stevens’ “Bradlands” articles for Sight & Sound:

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Buy Arrow Video edition of THE DRILLER KILLER, with commentary by Abel Ferrara moderated by Brad Stevens


May 11, 2022

Bill speaks to film programmer, broadcaster, writer, podcaster and festival director Anna Bogutskaya about her many endeavors in film culture, from co-founding The Final Girls collective and programming for BFI Southbank to serving as director of Underwire Festival, producing podcasts and recording Blu-Ray audio commentaries. Topics include: THE WIZARD OF OZ and tiny philistines, The Hot Fuzztival at the Prince Charles Cinema, TROUBLE EVERY DAY and arthouse horror, Yhara Zayd, Russian dubbing practices, “The B word” programming controversy, The Filmcast and parasocial relationships, the WE ARE THE WEIRDOS touring program and reediting a Pedro Almodóvar movie to discourage internet piracy. 

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Apr 11, 2022

Bill speaks to novelist and film critic/historian Kim Newman about some of his many endeavors. Topics include: NIGHTMARE MOVIES, originality in horror, SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT, audio commentaries, Carlos Clarens’ ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE HORROR FILM, gatekeepers, toxic fandom, LET’S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH and how a unique series of quirks in the British education system helped to prepare him for a freelance writing career.

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Watch Kim Newman introduce a Mario Bava double feature on BBC2 in 1990:

Mar 7, 2022

Bill speaks to author and magazine publisher/editor Michael J. Weldon about his many endeavors, from drumming with Cleveland proto-punk act Mirrors and reviewing movies for Cle, to Psychotronic, his photocopied, hand-written fanzine that lead to books like the influential PSYCHOTRONIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FILM, the long-running PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO magazine, calendars, film festivals and the Psychotronic store he manages today.  Other topics include Ghoulardi, Roger Corman, hypnotism, Diane Keaton’s HEAVEN, Club 57, Johnny Ramone, cattle call auditions for GHETTO FREAKS, childhood filmmaking efforts, Alfred Sole, research methods, 42nd Street theatres, THE HYPNOTIC EYE and being killed over and over by Dr. Butcher, M.D.


Read old issues of Psychotronic Video Magazine:

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Kurt Loder plugs Psychotronic on MTV:

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Dec 4, 2020
Bill talks to writer and film historian Chris Poggiali about his many endeavors in film culture, from co-creating the Temple Of Schlock fanzine and founding the long-running blog of the same name, to contributing to various magazines and video releases, distributing BLACK SAMURAI and working on books with Grady Hendrix, Michael Gingold and Sam Sherman. Topics include: Jack Starrett, the impact of crack on 42nd Street theatres, Steve Puchalski’s SLIMETIME and horror fanzines, The Journal of Interstitial Cinema, William Smith, blogathons, Paul Talbot, lost and endangered films, the link between THE GREEN HORNET and WANDA, bootlegs, THAT’S HOLLYWOOD, screenwriting for William Grefé, identifying PETS with Vinegar Syndrome and how interviews can become derailed by criminal confessions. 

Read Temple Of Schlock:

Read “A Seagull Film”, Chris Poggiali’s essay on CHARLEY VARRICK:

Read “The American Dreamer and the Heyday of Campus Film Programming”:

Read “Zodiac Hunter: An Interview with Tom Hanson”:

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Oct 26, 2020
Bill speaks to filmmaker, author, podcaster, film programmer and home video label founder Justin Decloux about his many endeavors in film culture, including the Laser Blast Film Society, The Important Cinema Club podcast, the Gold Ninja Video label, the feature films TEDDY BOMB and IMPOSSIBLE HORROR and the book RADIOACTIVE DREAMS: THE CINEMA OF ALBERT PYUN. Topics include: Will Sloan, ARMY OF DARKNESS, the importance of good collaborators, the films of Charles Roxburgh and Matt Farley, RADIOACTIVE DREAMS, Canadian cinema, Fred Olen Ray, Letterboxd, Emily Milling, the Loose Cannons podcast, CRITTERS 4 and playground deception.


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Oct 12, 2020

Bill speaks to novelist, screenwriter and film historian Andrew J. Rausch about his various endeavors, from early experiences in journalism, hip-hop and microbudget horror movies to a writing career that has yielded over 40 books to date. Topics include Quentin Tarantino and MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY, Rod Lurie, interview techniques, Jack Hill, identifying homophobic aspects in the work of Edward D. Wood Jr., freestyling with The Roots, writing crime fiction and the challenges of adapting CARNIVAL OF SOULS into a novel.

Visit Andrew J. Rausch’s Amazon author page:

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Sep 28, 2020

Bill speaks actress and singer Mink Stole about her life and career. Topics include the rehearsal process on John Waters movies, Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable show, taking friends from The Cockettes to see PINK FLAMINGOS (and their reactions), her “Think Mink” advice column, LOST HIGHWAY, Peaches Christ, learning new skills in public, Prescott Townsend, Peggy Gravel’s opening rant in DESPERATE LIVING, the pleasures of voting in person, THE BROWNIE STORY, Dreamland fashions and what color shoes she wore the day after Labor Day.

Watch Mink Stole as Peggy Gravel in the opening to DESPERATE LIVING

Follow the Mink Stole fan page for all the latest news and event details:

Listen to Do Re MiNK by Mink Stole And Her Wonderful Band:

Buy MULTIPLE MANIACS, FEMALE TROUBLE and POLYSTER from The Criterion Collection:

Read Gerald Peary’s interviews with Mink Stole, John Waters, and other Dreamlanders discussing their Provincetown experiences in the 1960s:


Read Chloé Griffin’s  Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller:é-Griffin/dp/3942214202

Read the Wikipedia on Dreamlanders:

Sep 21, 2020
Bill speaks to Gary Tooze about his home video review site, DVDBeaver, now in its 18th year. They discuss his experiences with film, from encountering Charlie Chaplin on television and renting 35mm Basil Rathbone movies with his father to creating the Listserv discussion group that evolved into his website. Topics discussed include audio commentaries, the 4K UHD format, David Cronenberg, nostalgia, Jonathan Rosenbaum, content warnings, Jesús Franco, Tim Lucas, contemporary pop culture in James Bond movies, online negativity, DETOUR and the pleasures of simple storytelling.
Visit DVDBeaver:
Read the DVDBeaver Top 100 desert island discs list:
Read the DVDBeaver analysis of Universal's 4K Ultra HD edition of VERTIGO:


Sep 7, 2020
Bill talks to Kino Lorber’s Director of Repertory Sales and Acquisitions, Jonathan Hertzberg, about his many film cultural endeavors, from creating the Obscure One Sheet Blog and programming for the Chicago International Film Festival to developing his DIRTY OLD NEW YORK video essays and launching the new Fun City Editions home video label. Topics include THE WANDERERS, virtual cinemas, Michael Ferrari, Montclair in the 90s, THE SWIMMER, Milestone Films, the Wisconsin Union Directorate Film Committee and how discovering Danny Peary’s CULT MOVIES books during adolescence can both expand one’s taste and lead to a bad back.

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Ep 22 - Alphabet City with special guest Jonathan Hertzberg by Crackpot Cinema Podcast


Aug 24, 2020
Bill speaks to lecturer, editor and film programmer Abraham Castillo Flores about his path in film, from directing short films and cutting promos for the Independent Film Channel to programming for Mexico’s Mórbido Film Fest and hosting The Morbido Crypt's Guide to Mexican Fantasy and Horror Cinema events. Topics include: Luz María Rojas, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Luchador films, Liliana V. Blum, the documentaries of Paulina del Paso, contextualizing extreme films at festivals, Lucio A. Rojas’ TRAUMA, the programming work of Evrim Ersoy and Nicole McControversy, employing terror to promote safe sex, Lex Ortega, DIAMOND FLASH, the magic of editing and sharing a quiet smoke with David Lynch.  

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Read a list of films from Abraham Castillo Flores's lecture at Fantastic Fest 2019:

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Aug 10, 2020
Bill speaks to film programmer Nellie Killian about her pursuits in film, from attending Orson Welles and Fritz Lang retrospectives as a child to co-founding the Migrating Forms Film Festival and teaching film courses at the Pratt Institute. They discuss her career in programming, from her work with venues like Brooklyn Academy Of Music to such recent efforts as the acclaimed TELL ME: WOMEN FILMMAKERS, WOMEN’S STORIES, now streaming on The Criterion Channel. Topics include: The Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund, experimental films, the New York Underground Film Festival, producing live subtitles for 35mm Andrzej Zulawski movie screenings, virtual cinema rentals, the publicity work of Michael Lieberman and Ryan Werner, the impact of COVID-19 on New York film culture and moderating Q&As while injured.
Watch on TELL ME: WOMEN FILMMAKERS, WOMEN’S STORIES on The Criterion Channel:

View Nellie Killian's official site:

Visit the Screen Slate Twitch page:
Watch the Movie Club Q&A with Nellie Killian and Miriam Bale:
Read Eric Allen Hatch's interview with Nellie Killian:
Read the Artforum article on the Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund:
Jul 27, 2020
Bill speaks to writer, producer/screenwriter and professor Ashlee Blackwell about her various endeavors, from organizing events like Philly Loves Women In Horror and developing the Graveyard Shift Sisters website to teaching film at St. Joseph’s University and co-writing, co-producing and appearing in the documentary HORROR NOIRE: A HISTORY OF BLACK HORROR. Topics include: James Bond III, the value in narrowing one’s focus, R. Shanea Williams, THE EXORCIST, Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman, unwinding to stand-up comedy and having one’s feminist sensibilities awakened by A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER.
Follow Ashlee Blackwell on Twitter:  
Read Graveyard Shift Sisters:  
Listen to Ashlee Blackwell and Diandra Lazor interview actress Toy Newkirk on Elm Street Radio:
Read "Why We Exist: A Call For Community":
Watch the films of R. Shanea Williams:
Jul 13, 2020
Bill speaks to film historian, preservationist and filmmaker E. Purchell about their various endeavors, from programming and creating pre-screening short films for the Florida Avalon microcinema to the development of ASK ANY BUDDY, their Artforum 'Best of 2018' Instagram feed and acclaimed collage film companion. Topics include: Gregg Araki, Man Parrish, the Don’t Look In The Closet podcast, the film programming of Jazmyne Moreno, Everything Is Terrible!, Dark Entries Records, Instagram and Vimeo restrictions, Tom DeSimone and the contradictory qualities of adult films.
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Jun 3, 2019

Bill speaks to author, broadcaster and film historian Emma Westwood about her many creative endeavors, from co-founding film societies and writing freelance criticism to hosting Triple R’s Plato’s Cave and developing her recent monograph on David Cronenberg’s THE FLY. Topics include: Fatal Visions, Lee Gambin, the differing approaches of American and Australian film schools in the early 1990s, ALIEN, John Frankenheimer, Bert Deling's DALMAS, writing about standup comedy, HOUSEBOAT HORROR, the research process for audio commentary tracks, Raymond Stross, why children relate to monsters and why “write what you know” is bad advice.

Visit Emma Westwood’s website:

Buy and read THE FLY:

Hear Emma Westwood on Plato’s Cave:

Hear Emma Westwood discussing Roman Polanski on Hell Is For Hyphenates:

Read A Fiend On Film’s interview with Emma Westwood:

Read “The Act of Seeing: Cinema, Ethics and Responsibility”:

Read “To Watch Or Not To Watch, That Is The Question”:

Read newsletters from the Fitzroy Film Society:

Read a roundtable discussion of Women In Horror with Emma Westwood, Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Kate Robertson:

Hear Emma Westwood, Stuart Cornfeld, Mike White, Samm Deighan and Bill discuss THE FLY on The Projection Booth:

Watch Emma Westwood, Sally Christie, Hande Noyan and Lee Gambin at the Cinemaniacs event, "All of them Witches", discussing the Devil in 60s and 70s cinema:

Listen to Art Of The Score:

Apr 29, 2019

Bill speaks to writer/director, Trailers From Hell guru and podcaster Josh Olson about his many endeavors, from writing screenplays like the Oscar-nominated A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE and the audio drama BRONZEVILLE to co-hosting shows like The Movies That Made Me and The West Wing Thing. Topics include: Harlan Ellison, Werner Herzog and the German New Wave, NIGHT WATCH, Randy Frakes, landing professional opportunities through mistaken identity, MAD Magazine, Anthony Bourdain, screening UNFORGIVEN for David Cronenberg, The Cinefamily and whether or not people still approach him to read their scripts.


Watch Josh Olson on Trailers From Hell:

Listen to The Movies That Made Me:

Listen to Bronzeville:

Listen to The West Wing Thing:

Read “I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script”:

Watch Josh Olson on I Blame Dennis Hopper:

Hear Josh Olson on Pure Cinema Podcast:

Buy DARK OF THE SUN, featuring an audio commentary by Josh Olson, Larry Karaszewski, Elric Kane and Brian Saur:

Apr 15, 2019

Bill speaks to author, screenwriter and fanzine publisher Mike “McBeardo” McPadden about his various endeavors, from creating the fanzine Happyland in 1991 to developing books like HEAVY METAL MOVIES and TEEN MOVIE HELL. Topics include: Rick Sullivan’s Gore Gazette, approaching 1980s teen sex comedies in the #MeToo era, writing as Selwyn Harris for Screw and Hustler, Danny Peary, 1990s fanzine culture, authoring screenplays for Gregory Dark films like THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES 5 and ANIMAL INSTINCTS III, John Hughes, Troma Entertainment, LEMORA: A CHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL, Gilbert Gottfried, Mr. Skin, catching ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at age 10 with hippie relatives and writing about Jenna Jameson’s mashed potatoes recipe for Esquire.


Watch the trailer for TEEN MOVIE HELL:

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Watch the King Kong Volkswagon Commercial

 Hear Gays In The Military on Spotify:

Mar 21, 2019

Bill speaks to writer, filmmaker, and New York Film Festival director Kent Jones. They discuss his path from writing film reviews as a teenager to directing the new film DIANE. Topics include: William Wyler, collaborating with Martin Scorsese on documentaries like MY VOYAGE TO ITALY and A LETTER TO ELIA, programming at venues like Film Forum and Film Society Of Lincoln Center, moderating Q & As, Jean-Luc Godard, Netflix, John Ford, Elia Kazan, Manny Farber, ZODIAC, New Video, Monte Hellman and the importance of costume designers. 

Visit IFC Films site for DIANE:

Read Kent Jones at

Read Kent Jones’ essay “Intolerance”:

Read Kent Jones in Film Comment:

Watch Noah Baumbach interview Kent Jones about HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT:

Hear Kent Jones on The Cinephiliacs:

Buy Physical Evidence by Kent Jones:

Attend the Kent Jones Dream Double Feature at Metrograph – 3/23

Nov 26, 2018
Bill talks to filmmaker and film programmer Chris O’Neill. They discuss his experiences in film culture, from childhood movie rental rituals to directing short films, working in distribution and programming for theatres like Kino Cinema and Triskel Christchurch. Topics include Irish cinema, tape trading, STRAW DOGS, Brad Stevens, the changes William Friedkin made to CRUISING and the impact of parenthood on work/life balance.
Visit the official site of Triskel Christ Church:
Listen to an interview with Chris O’Neill about the 59th Cork Film Festival.
Chris O'Neill - Triskel Arts Centre #CorkFilmFest - Fred Industry Channel
Watch film and video work directed by Chris O’Neill:
Read a piece by filmmaker Maximilian Le Cains about Chris O’Neill's work as a filmmaker:
Experimental Conversations:
Nov 12, 2018

Bill talks to film critic Manuela Lazic. They discuss her experiences in film culture, from reading Cahiers du Cinema with her sister in middle school to writing for publications like Little White Lies, The Ringer, Vague Visages, and Birth.Movies.Death. Topics include: Erotic thrillers, influential teachers, Christopher Nolan, writing about performance, podcasts, BLOW UP, drawing Freudian inspiration from Sasha Alexander's performance on NCIS, positivity and branding on social media.

Visit Manuela Lazic’s official site:

Read “The Wild Innocence Of Melanie Griffith”:

Read Manuela Lazic on PERSONAL SHOPPER: 

Read “Alma Matters: Modelling And Being in PHANTOM THREAD”:

Hear Manuela and Elena Lazic discuss THE PARENT TRAP on Blank Check:

Read Manuela and Elena Lazic on THE NEON DEMON:

Read Manuela Lazic in Cinema Scope:

Read Manuela Lazic in Little White Lies:

Follow Manuela Lazic on Twitter:

Nov 5, 2018

Bill talks to film programmer and historian Sergio Mims about some of his many pursuits in film culture, from working on the set of films like PENITENTIARY to co-founding the website Shadow And Act and festivals like Blacklight and Black Harvest Film Festival. Other topics include: influential books, classical music, tips for conducting celebrity interviews, J. Lee Thompson, the L.A. Rebellion film movement, Films And Filming, working in radio and having the good sense to turn down work on a film with a title like THE BABYSITTER MURDERS.

Visit the official site for the Black Harvest Film Festival: 

Read Sergio Mims on Shadow And Act:


Hear an interview with Sergio Mims on SSW Radio:

Visit the official site of WHPK 85.5 FM Chicago:

Oct 31, 2018

Bill speaks to author and musician Stephen Thrower about some of his contributions to film culture, from his earliest film criticism for Shock Xpress and his film journal Eyeball to the development of books like BEYOND TERROR: THE FILMS OF LUCIO FULCI, NIGHTMARE USA: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE EXPLOITATION INDEPENDENTS and MURDEROUS PASSIONS: THE DELIRIOUS CINEMA OF JESS FRANCO. Other topics include: Dr. Who, Roxy Music, POSSESSION, David Lynch, Ramsey Campbell, THE BROOD, Derek Jarman, DUFFER, Throbbing Gristle, DON’T GO IN THE HOUSE, hedonistic writing techniques, approaches to film scoring and how certain films can be analogous to drugs. 

Visit the official website of Cyclobe: 

Read Stephen Thrower’s essay “From Goblin to Morricone: the art of horror movie music”

Read Stephen Thrower’s memorial essay on Jesús Franco: 

Read Stephen Thrower Top 10 list for the 2012 Sight & Sound poll: 

Buy Stephen Thrower’s books BEYOND TERROR: THE FILMS OF LUCIO FULCI and NIGHTMARE USA from FAB Press: 

Buy Stephen Thrower’s books on Jesús Franco, MURDEROUS PASSIONS and FLOWERS OF PERVERSION from Strange Attractor: 

Listen to the Daughters Of Darkness two-part podcast series inspired by NIGHTMARE USA: 

Listen to the audio from Stephen Thrower’s introduction to POSSESSION from the 2016 Kinoteka Film Festival:

Oct 22, 2018

Bill speaks to artist and exploitation film preservationist Lisa Petrucci about her experiences in film culture, from childhood encounters with horror movies at the drive-in to running Something Weird Video. Topics discussed include: Mike Vraney, working at Michael Weldon’s original Psychotronic Store in the East Village, early 90s exploitation film fan culture, Reel Wild Cinema, the evolution of Something Weird’s customer base, screening sexploitation films for today’s audiences and how her dad came up with idea for G.I. Joe. 

Visit Lisa Petrucci's official website:

Visit the official Something Weird Video website: 

Visit the official American Genre Film Archive website:

Subscribe to the Something Weird Youtube channel:

Buy Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art       

Buy Kickass Kuties: The Art of Lisa Petrucci  

Buy Issue #12 of Grindhouse Purgatory: 

Stream Something Weird movies on NightFlight Plus:

Check out the new record Something Weird’s Greatest Hits:

Oct 8, 2018

Bill speaks to Peter Biskind about his various endeavors in film culture, from editing for publications like American Film and Premiere to writing books like THE SKY IS FALLING, DOWN AND DIRTY PICTURES and EASY RIDERS, RAGING BULLS: HOW THE SEX-DRUGS-AND-ROCK-‘N’_ROLL GENERATION SAVED HOLLYWOOD. Topics discussed include: Biskind’s work as a documentarian, Brandon Films, getting reprimanded by Francis Coppola, the development and reception of EASY RIDERS, RAGING BULLS, comic book movies and extremism in popular entertainment, Harvey Weinstein and having to axe a piece by Christopher Hitchens because of his insufficient notes.

Buy The Sky Is Falling  - How Vampires, Zombies, Androids, and Superheroes Made America Great for Extremism

Visit Simon & Schuster’s author page for Peter Biskind:

Visit the official site for FilmColumbia 2018 film festival:

Listen to the Movie Geeks United interview with Peter Biskind:

Watch Peter Biskind discuss film and technology with Robert Rodriguez and Richard Linklater at SXSW 2001:

Read Thunder on the Left: The Making of Reds -

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